Precise Directional Drilling is what we are really good at!

If you need Horizontal Directional Drilling where trees can’t be touched or existing infrastructure can’t be damaged, you should contact us. We have gained years of experience in highly advanced projects in Alberta, and would be delighted to put our skills and equipment to work for you.

We are exceptional at providing custom solutions for complex projects in the ground.

Our main services are:

Non-destructive Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

We are very good at drilling around or under existing infrastructure.

Vermeer Horizontal Directional Drill machine

Non-destructive Hydro Excavation

For utility exposure. We continue to vac a hole until we have visual confirmation of existing hydro, gas, telecommunications or other existing infrastructure.

Turn-key Solutions

Is “old school” excavation with digging big holes banned in your municipality? Just give us some maps with directions where you want to go, and we will plan careful hydro vaccing and horizontal directional drilling to get the job done – with minimal disturbances. And we will restore the site to what it was before.

Restoration Projects

Need a construction site brought back to its original state? We can fill in holes, smoothen the soil, put asphalt or grass on top – so it will look like nothing ever happened there.

We use a Vermeer fleet of drills, and use F5 Locating boxes.

Let us put them to work for your next project. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.



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