Frequently Asked Questions

How far can you drill underground in one shot?

Depending on the ground conditions, and the pipe we are installing, we can shoot up to 160 meters.

What can you drill through?

With the correct drill-application and fluids, just about anything. This includes clay, sand, rock and concrete (includes foundations).

How long will it take to complete a drill-shot?

Times may vary on the application used and the ground conditions. 100 meters could be completed in 1-8 hours.

What kind of damage will this cause?

No damage will occur, apart from the entry and exit hole for the pipe.

Will drilling under my driveway cause damage to my driveway?

It shouldn’t. We aim to drill deep enough that no heaving or sinkholes occur.

Will you damage our trees?

No, this is a non-invasive and non-destructive way of getting pipe/product in the ground for that purpose. If we need to, we can use low-pressure hydro-excavation in Tree-Protection Zones (TPZ’s) to get work done while protecting our environment.

I need a water and sewer line brought into my house. Can you do that?

Yes, we can. We have done this many times before, where structures like patios, decks and gardens remain untouched.

Can you drill under busy roads while traffic keeps going?

Yes, as we don’t disturb the ground cover, this technology is very efficient where traffic does not get blocked during operations.



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